CBAI Announcements

We are delighted to tell you that the CBAI has secured rights to stream the Irish premiere of a great film about bridge, called “Aces & Knaves”, which will be available for viewing online for ten days from Sunday 1 June (via a link on the CBAI website and elsewhere).

The film has already been shown in North America, and has been very well received. The IMDB review website describes it as “a documentary about mental gymnastics, competition, and cheating in bridge – the most complex game ever invented by the human mind.” Lots of very well-known bridge players feature, and Irish viewers can keep an eye out for an appearance from our junior team on one of their trips to the US. The cost of the stream is $12.50 (approximately €10), of which half (after a small platform charge) will go directly to Irish junior bridge, so in addition to spending an enjoyable hour or so, you’ll be supporting the future of Irish bridge at a time when other fundraising opportunities are limited.